Is There A Such Thing As Being Anonymous?


In this day and age anonymity is a thing of the past. With big businesses mining your information, the power of the internet, and with enough money people have the ability to retrieve your information very easily. You can wear as many mask as you want, but if someone wants to find out bad enough they won’t have a problem removing each and every mask until they reveal who you truly are. It may not be easy for them, but they will do it. I was always told, “if someone wants it bad enough they will get it.” A prime example of all of this is the arrest of the creator of Silk Road and some of its users. On a site in the deep web were anonymity is key many peoples identities were found out.

With all this being said, through my blog I will try to be as anonymous as I can and revealing as little data about me and the people I talk about as possible. The focus of my blog is about my thoughts and the lessons and discussions that may come from them. But who am I?

I am Mind Of A Free Thinker and welcome to my blog!

Notes: I am not affiliated or a part of Anonymous, although I do respect and admire what they do. Also I realize the that anonymity is spelled wrong in the pic, but I am not the creator of it just found it through google images


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