Problem When It Comes To Texting

I told myself I was done with blogging for today, but on my way home from class something happened that just really made me mad. I wrecked my car and need to by replacement parts to fix it. So I have been prowling craiglist for parts. I found a part I needed and on the ad guy placed his number not saying if he preferred calls or text. So, I texted them asking if he still had it for sale because the add was 8 days old. He replied saying they did and then called me. I told him that I wasn’t able to talk on the phone right now and he then sent me his work address (shop he owned) where I could come by and pick the part up. I was planning on going their right after I left the bank and so on my way to the bank I texted him asking a view questions about the part just to make sure I wasn’t about to make this trip for nothing. He then sent me I voice message saying,

“There’s nothing wrong with them. I just changed them. They’re just old. If you want new ones…. well they’re $120 mine are $25. I’m 52 years old. I got a business. I’m not interested in texting you anymore. Alright. I don’t care about your phobia of talking on the phone that’s your problem. I don’t care if you buy them from me or not. This is your last time I’m messaging you unless your coming here. When coming here they are in a box that I took the brand new ones out of and put on my car. Alright. (Then told me how to get to his shop) Well this is it. Don’t bother texting me unless you are on your way. I will be here for a few more hours.”

Now, I understand there are people out their that don’t like texting, but I don’t really like calling someone that I don’t really know. I shop on craiglist a lot and I prefer texting when it comes to contacting or people contacting me on their, because first of all it lets me think of what I am going to say or ask before I say it and because I am really easily annoyed by people. Now when it comes to this guy he could of just told me he didn’t or couldn’t text, but instead he decided to basically told me off and you really can’t tell it by the transcript of it. He just had an attitude about the whole thing. I was on the way to the bank to get the money out, but I don’t do business with assholes. Your trying to sell something so you can at least be nice about it. I’d rather buy the $125 ones then give money to this asshole.


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