The Elephant in the Room or Shall I Say in America.


There are many problems in America that as a nation rather then address it we turn are back on it. Americans kind of have this out of site out of mind attitude about things. Once a problem is brought to light people are in a huge uproar about it, but once that problem is taking out of site most Americans stop caring and this is the reason there are so many problems within our country.

Just naming the problems within America of the top of my head there is: THE DEBT, healthcare reform, government spending, Social Welfare, government entitlements in general, whether Cannabis should be legal or not, fixing the government to where they can actually get sh*t done, racism , “gun control,” and the list goes on and on.

In all honesty I don’t remember the last time something was actually completely fixed. When we start working on improving something else it’s like we have ADHD or something. We just constantly keep moving onto the new thing. Come on America we are better then this lets work to fix things rather then ignore it until it’s to late.


3 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room or Shall I Say in America.

  1. I think one of our largest problems is that Congress no longer serves the people (if it ever did). A guy wrote a book the other day – I may have to buy it. His basic thesis is that politicians elected to Congress soon become enrolled in a scheme of extortion and care about nothing but being re-elected and increasing their perks and power.

    If you wanted to ONE THING that might help with that it would be term limits. Term limit the sons-of-bitches so they can’t spend enough time their to really get good at extortion.


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