Weed and Me: The story of how life, stress, and depression introduced me to Mary Jane.


When I was in high school a lot of my friends smoked weed, but I never would partake. I am allergic to cigarette smoke and at the time I thought I would also be allergic to weed smoke. I also had in my head all the lies and bullshit that the government and media told us about weed. I looked down upon my friends that smoked weed, because I thought they were stupid. I thought they were just walking through the “gateway” to drug addiction and going down the path to ruining their lives. Boy was I na├»ve! Continue reading


NoShavember Is Here!


Today marks the start of NoShavember and I started it with a trim :(. I was working on growing a goatee and I thought it would look really stupid if I didn’t shave for a month and the hair on my chin was significantly longer then the rest of my facial hair. I was going to shave last night, which is what you are suppose to do, but really didn’t feel up to it after working in the rain for 8 hours.

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