NoShavember Is Here!


Today marks the start of NoShavember and I started it with a trim :(. I was working on growing a goatee and I thought it would look really stupid if I didn’t shave for a month and the hair on my chin was significantly longer then the rest of my facial hair. I was going to shave last night, which is what you are suppose to do, but really didn’t feel up to it after working in the rain for 8 hours.

NoShavember is just really the start of my winter beard growing process and last year it lasted from November until the beginning of the new year. I’m somewhat excited to see how long I can go without shaving! I loath shaving, but get tired of looking scruffy and winter is a perfect excuse for the look. I might even post a pic of my beard if I ever feel up to it. To all the rest of you NoShavember participants, grow on my brothers and sisters!

*Note: Women are allowed to participate in NoShavember, but I find it to be very gross. By all means women do whatever you want, but do know I am at no fault if you read this, participate, and end up losing your boyfriends and/or any friends due to a hairy face, legs, armpits, and/or crotches. After all there is a rule about NoShavember for women and that is to shave their legs, often. If you are single by all means participate, but note that you may be single for this cuffing/cuddling season.*

If you don’t know what NoShavemeber is here a link to the site and will somewhat inform you of what it is and the rules:

For anyone that wants to read a little more into NoShavember here is a great blog a fellow blogger has written: Bestial, Brutish and Manly = NoShavember ( It also includes some ideas for women to participation rather then not shaving!

P.S. You can’t talk about beards without the men from Duck Dynasty, so enjoy this pic!



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