Problem When It Comes To Texting

I told myself I was done with blogging for today, but on my way home from class something happened that just really made me mad. I wrecked my car and need to by replacement parts to fix it. So I have been prowling craiglist for parts. I found a part I needed and on the ad guy placed his number not saying if he preferred calls or text. So, I texted them asking if he still had it for sale because the add was 8 days old. He replied saying they did and then called me. I told him that I wasn’t able to talk on the phone right now and he then sent me his work address (shop he owned) where I could come by and pick the part up. I was planning on going their right after I left the bank and so on my way to the bank I texted him asking a view questions about the part just to make sure I wasn’t about to make this trip for nothing. He then sent me I voice message saying, Continue reading